Investiment funds. Invest in Brazil with confidence.


Investment Club auditing

Investment Clubs are a popular first step into capital markets. Next can support Clubs in handling transactions, with investment advice, and by performing the necessary auditing of the club’s financial statements – leaving you to concentrate on learning the ropes of bonds, shares, securities, and other investments.


Share Investment Funds (FIPs)

FIPs are tax-effective vehicles for investing in private and publicly listed companies and influencing their growth – think of them as Brazilian private equity funds. They present many opportunities for investors, and potentially high financial returns, but their use is highly regulated. Next has more than two decades’ expertise in auditing in Brazil, and a deep knowledge of the FIP market. We’ll make sure your FIP investments are safe and profitable.


CVM Instruction 555 and ‘sophisticated’ investing

Under Instruction 555, the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) only allows certain levels of investors to access the full range of financial products and investments. Whether you want to access multi-market funds, equity funds, fixed-income funds, or foreign exchange, Next will help you take all the necessary steps and give you the market and company information to operate securely and with confidence.


Asset recovery studies (impairment test)

If you’re investing in Brazil, whether in funds or in company structures, you need to know what the assets are worth now. Our impairment tests make sure your assets’ ‘fair value’ is recognized, in compliance with international accounting standards and legislation on investment funds. Our specialists will also analyze the future prospects of the funds’ or the investees’ portfolios, so you can be confident that asset recovery figures will always be right.


FIDCs (Credit Rights Investment Funds)

An FIDC is a fixed-income investment backed by receivables such as trade assets, checks and car loans. Due to Brazil’s high interest rates, FIDCs are often highly profitable, and they are widely used in Brazilian credit markets, but there are risks related to the loss of credits. Good investing intelligence is essential. Next is the #1 auditor of FIDCs: we’re experts in receivables, and we deliver our analysis in a meticulous and agile way, helping you to have confidence in your ROI.

To learn more about how FIDCs work, visit our guide »


Real estate investment fund (FII) audits

Fundos de Investimentos Imobiliários (FIIs) are vehicles for investments in the Brazilian real estate industry, taking in, among other things, projects under construction, properties already completed, and real estate financial securities. Next has deep expertise in the real estate sector, and knows what specific developers, construction companies and brokers are truly worth. Add this to our long experience in auditing and you’ll know that our judgments are a sound basis for investing profitably.


Appraisal reports

To comply with Brazilian laws on funds, you’ll need a comprehensive, detailed report on the financials of the assets within them. Next will carry out thorough studies of all companies involved, ensuring compliance and giving you asset pricing you can trust.