Tax Consulting. Take control of your tax.


Tax consulting

We review all relevant procedures to create bespoke solutions to your tax demands. Our monthly services guarantee you’ll meet your obligations, and will evolve to meet your needs as processes change and your company grows.


Tax management for start-ups

Start up as you mean to go on – with the best tax management structures to help your company grow. We will advise on best practices that are compatible with your business, shielding you from legal worries and growing pains, so that real-world performance matches your founding vision.


Tax planning

Tax planning will help your business stay in control of its payments and legal obligations. It is also essential when setting a new direction. Our tax planners will present solutions tailored to your business’s short-, medium- and long-term needs.


Ancillary obligations

Keeping tax efficient and in legal compliance means dealing with many factors that are out of your control – for example, inspection changes such as the recent digital document submission system (SPED) implemented by the Brazilian IRS. Our consultants will keep you up to date and on top of developments in Brazil and around the world.