Business Management. All your processes assessed and optimized for strategic future growth.


Feasibility analysis

In doubt about the viability of your new business or next steps? We’ll produce a detailed study, taking into account all market indicators and segment issues, to give you the best possible basis for making an investment or fine-tuning your growth strategy.


Business risk management

What are the critical points that might compromise your company’s future? Next’s Risk Management teams will use their two decades’ experience to give you clear, reliable information on potential weak points and risks – so you can define a strategy that will succeed, whatever the scenario.


Financial projection planning

Our specialist teams will study your financial data and processes – costs, billing, sales, and more – and create a reliable, well-structured financial projection plan. This will give you the clarity you need to plan your next steps and optimize your growth strategy.


Mergers and acquisitions

M&A can expand your company’s possibilities, or open doors to new customers and new markets – but both strategies carry risks. Next’s analysis will give you the intelligence you need to identify and execute your trading plan, minimizing risk in this delicate, detail-rich process.



Thinking of selling up, or prospecting for investors? Next Auditores’ specialist valuers will take account of all possible factors affecting your company’s worth, and produce a compelling, trustworthy valuation document that is attractive to interested parties.


Team analysis

We help companies structure high-performance teams. Our detailed reports analyze team behavior, identify weak points, and improve team management, helping you engage your employees and increase productivity. We also produce feedback and assessment structures, job and salary plans, salary analysis and job descriptions.


Competitive Intelligence

Stand out from the crowd by selling your products and services at lower prices, without sacrificing profitability. Our expertise will position your company competitively in its markets, thanks to an in-depth study of the sector and the competition. We focus on price adequacy and costs, and assess your commercial teams’ performance.


Business planning

Assess the viability of your new business idea, define its market positioning and investment strategies: we work with you to create a business plan to optimize profitability, reduce costs, and achieve your goals, whatever your new venture.


Due Diligence

Risk audits are essential on every major investment. Our exhaustive, detailed due diligence reports will give you the information you need to make the right bet, and the peace of mind to draw up the contracts and seal the deal.


Patrimonial Shielding

‘Patrimonial shielding’ is an entirely legal and efficient way to protect your personal assets from being affected by your company’s debts, or times of uncertainty and crisis. However, setting one up is a long and complex process, which much be scrupulously followed, as non-compliance puts your assets at risk. Next’s specialists have over two decades’ experience in setting up patrimonial shielding, and will ensure the success and safety of the operation.


Family succession

Only 25% of companies reach the second generation, often due to poorly planned succession processes – so who will take the next step in your business? Our succession planning experts will streamline the process for you, creating short-, medium-, and long-term action plans, so that your company can transition to the next generation fairly, coherently, and with the lowest possible tax impact.